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Subject: Re: Godith
Author: Telfalathiel   (Authenticated as telfalathiel)
Date: February 12, 2010 at 10:10:01 PM
Reply to: Godith by r
I didn't find much on Godith, but I did find the variant Goditha used in pedigrees from the 1400s. According to this, it means "holy war".

The Anglo-Saxon word "god" means "good" and is equated with divine goodness or holiness. I've read that ic/ith means "war", but I haven't found anything so far that is conclusive on this. It seems feasible that "holy war" is accurate, but like so many things on the internet, I would not consider it fact without finding definite meanings of the root words.

ETA: This intrigued me (as I'm a sucker for Anglo-Saxon names), so I did some more digging. I checked the database for other names containing "ith" and I did find the Old English gyð meaning "war/battle". According to Godith comes from Godgýð. If this is true, it would indeed mean "holy war".

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