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Subject: Re: Hello there, some help please?
Author: Kandake   (guest)
Date: May 25, 2004 at 10:52:53 AM
Reply to: Hello there, some help please? by Mkali
Loukia is a Greek female name. It is from the Loukas / Lucas / Lucian / Lucy / etc. name family and has the same meaning - either "from Lucania" or "light" (Originating from Lucani.)

Thymios - also Greek, male. I can't locate a meaning with the resources I have at hand at the moment.

Anthelia - Greek, female - Can be a form of Anthea and related names, "blossom, flower. OR plural of Anthelion: "A halo opposite the sun, consisting of a colored ring or rings around the shadow of the spectator's own head, as projected on a cloud or on an opposite fog bank."

Astacia - Greek, female - form of Anastasia / Anastasios / Anastasius, "resurrection, reborn"

I can not find any definitive info on how to correctly pronounce Ma'at. :(

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