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Subject: Re: Names with certain meanings
Author: Kandake   (guest)
Date: May 26, 2004 at 6:41:32 PM
Reply to: Names with certain meanings by Mkali
A few such names:

Mallory - unfortunate, ill-fated
Acanit (ah-chah-neet): Ungandan: Hard times
Alile: Nigerian: She weeps; for a child born into unfortunate circumstances.
Desdemona - ill-fated one
Magara: Rhodesian: Child who constantly cries
Solita: Latin: Alone
Trista: Latin: Sorrowful (or riot, tumult...depending on origin)
Letha/Lethe: Greek: Oblivion
Nepenthe: Egyptian: That which makes one forget.
Karayan: Armenian: The dark one
Anaba: Navaho: She returns from war
Soledad: Spanish: solitude
Misericordia: Latin: pity (Also: "A thin-bladed dagger; so called, in the Middle Ages, because it was used to give the death wound or "mercy'' stroke to a fallen adversary.")
Severina: Latin: stern
Melpomene - the Muse of tragedy
Tacita - silent
Morana: Slavic: death

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