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Subject: Re: Names with certain meanings
Author: Caprice   (guest)
Date: May 27, 2004 at 7:13:53 AM
Reply to: Names with certain meanings by Mkali
I'm sorry if some of these names are already mentioned by Atarah or Kandake (hi, Kandake! :)

Ajuji - refuse heap child (Hausa, West Africa) Refers to a Hausa tradition, when the maternal grandparents pretend to throw away the newborn child to blight the evil spirits. The mother then "rescues" the child.)
Alkas - she is afraid (Native American, language unknown. Many Native American names where recorded without any information about tribes.)
Apara - she comes and goes (ie she will die). A Yoruba name given to a weak newborn to prevent her from dying.
Aud - void, empty (Old Norse)
Ayondela - comes from an Umbundu proverb, which means "a little tree bends more and more, just as we all bend towards death".
Dezba - go out to war (Navajo)
Hedwig - battle, war (Old German)
Joby - hated, derided, haunted (Hebrew)
Kali - black goddess
Kaluwa - forgotten one (Usenga, Africa. Given to blight the spirits)
Kesi - born when her father had problems (Swahili)
Klesa - pain (Hindi. Given to blight the spirits)
Liliha - detest (Hawaiian)
Makadisa - she was always selfish (Baduma, Africa)
Manaba - war returned with her birth (Navajo)
Marcia - war-like (Latin)
Meriwa - thorn (Inuit. Given to blight the spirits)
Pollyam - plague goddess (Hindi. Given to prevent the children from catching the plague. Also a boys' name.)
Vatusia - they leave us behind (Umbundu name. Means that the dead are gone and we can but lament.)
Yanaba - she meets enemies (Navaho)

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