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Subject: Let me try this...
Author: Siân   (Authenticated as Sharley)
Date: March 7, 2010 at 10:22:19 PM
Reply to: A name in Sindarin or Quenya by Golden_Green

Well, here's a few ideas and Elvish words that may have something to do with moon or silver. If I were you, I'd work a few words together to suit your taste.
If you're a girl, any name can have -wen or -iel added to the end of any of them because those are the common suffixes for female Elvish names.

English Word- Elvish Word (pronunciation)

Gleam- Ril (rill)
Gleam(2)- Glin (gleen)
Moon- Ithil (ith-ill)
Moonlight- Silme (seel-may)
Radiance- Alata (all-ah-tah)
Silver- Celeb (kehl-ehb) (Ex. Celeborn)

You mentioned Sea. I don't know if you want Elvish sea words or not, but here if so:
Sea- Aear (eye-are)
Spray- Wing (wihng)
Foam- Ros (rohs)
Foam(2)- Falf (fahlf)
Sand- Lith (leeth)

Other water words:
Water- Nen (nehn)
Blue- Malina (mah-leen-ah)
Grey- Mith (meeth)
Isle- Tol (toll)
Wet- Mesc (mehsk)
Rain- Ross (rohss)
River- Duin (do-in)
Stream- Sîr (sear)
Well- Mae (my)
Wells- Eithel (ay-thell)

If this is nothing you like, this site also translates many female names into Elivsh by meaning.


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