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Subject: Other names!
Author: Atarah   (guest)
Date: May 27, 2004 at 10:25:52 AM
Reply to: Names with certain meanings by Mkali
All these names are related to the goddess Kali, so negative: Durga (very bad), Kamakhya (even worse), Chamunda, Shyam, Kakaradi, Kadi, Sara-Kali, Kauri, Kali-Maa, Kali-Chinnamasta, Shamshana Kali,

Tlazolteotl: "goddess of filth" in Aztec language
Cailleach: "witch" in Celtic language
Malinali / Malinche / Malintzin / Marina / Ixkakuk / Malina: the most hated woman in South American history
Judas: of course lol
Pontius, Pilate, Ponce....
Jezabel and Athaliah / Athalia: bad queens of the Bible
Sheetla: "goddess of smallpox" in Hindu

And of course... Adolf, Benito, Saddam, Ossama, Attila, Gengis...

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