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Subject: Looking for any information on this name
Author: Ghaskey, Ghasky, Ghaska   (guest)
Date: March 16, 2010 at 11:22:35 PM

This name has popped up several times while working on my family tree and I was curious if anyone had any information on it.

When I did a google search I noted that quite a few Ghaskey's came up but I can figure out why it was so popular and what the meaning is behind it?

Time frame for the popularity of this name was 1700-1800's.

The two that I have in my tree both came from Dickson, Tennessee and I think I saw a couple when I googled from North Carolina.

The name Ghaska came up in a story written about a horse and I read a small blurb that that Ghaskey/Ghasky was a nickname.

Thanks for any input, I appreciate it!

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