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Subject: Re: Shosh, Tor, Arnida, Geva
Author: "tor" in Hebrew means turtledove   (guest)
Date: April 9, 2010 at 2:54:38 PM
Reply to: Shosh, Tor, Arnida, Geva by Swiff
And it is a Hebrew name though quite a rare one. As Noa has mentioned in this thread before me, there are some israeli names that are simply kinds of birds.
I have never heard of Arnida, so I don't believe it's a Hebrew name, it doesn't even sound like any words in Hebrew that would make sense as a name. It doesn't sound Arabic to me either, but I'm no expert on Arabic names.
There's a young Israeli singer and composer named Geva Alon. This name used to be a surname only, the use as a first name is rather modern. As mentioned above, it means hill, but it's a literary word for hill, that is no longer used in daily speech. The assosiation that it brings is more poetic than of an actual hill. If you encountered it in a jewish context, and even more so considering the fact that the person's surname is Ben- something, the most likely is that it's an israeli; and in a case of an israeli any chance of the name bearing any connection to nordic origins is close to zero...
Shosh is quite simply what was said above, a pet name or an abbreviation for Shoshana.

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