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Subject: Re: Hi, I'm looking for Spanish names of which the pet form ends with "i"
Author: Lumia   (Authenticated as Lumia)
Date: April 11, 2010 at 3:31:38 AM
Reply to: Hi, I'm looking for Spanish names of which the pet form ends with "i" by Shani
In Spanish, the ending in -i is probably the most common for nicknames, especially for women's names.

In some cases the -i appears because the original name has a letter I before the last syllable(s) which are dropped off: Javier>Javi, María>Mari, Matilde>Mati, Santiago>Santi, Desideria>Desi, Julio/Julia/Julián/Juliana>Juli, Cristina>Cristi...

In other cases, the -i is added to the main part of the name and: Pilar>Pili, Encarnación>Encarni, Susana>Susi, Dolores>Lola>Loli, Juana>Juani... Some of those are not really a suffix -i, but an apocopated form (without the last syllable(s) of another hypochoristical form: Encarnación>Encarna [apocopated form]>Encarnita [apocopated form's diminutive form]>Encarni [apocopated hypochoristic's diminutive form's apocopated form].

I would say that almost any Spanish name has o can have a nickname (or several) ending in -i. That is why, without more information (are you looking nicknames for a story, femenine/masculine names, do you want to know how those nicknames are formed...) it is impossible to do a list.


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