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Subject: Re: Actually, there may be a grain of truth in the Urine theory!!!
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: June 2, 2004 at 6:28:42 AM
Reply to: Actually, there may be a grain of truth in the Urine theory!!! by Pavlos
Very interesting and the 'not yet translated to English' is a nice touch ;o) but the basis of it's use in Astronomy comes from the rather more transparent and widespread Tebtunis Papyri. Astronomers, etymologists, historians, Greek-freaks all like to debate this one too.

Also, I see holes all through that theory. Granted, the Greeks used some pretty interesting meanings in their naming but why would a man who requested a 'strong son' be up for calling the boy 'Urine' because, well, all the VIPs drained the lizard on his font of inspiration? Even during the sleepless first few months it's a rare parent who's inspired to call their offspring 'Piss' ;o) And ourios means 'of urine' or 'for urine' (medicinally), which leads nicely back to oreios/oureios meaning 'of or from mountains, mountain-haunting' and also carries the meanings of 'with a fair wind; prosperous, successful; prospering, favouring; sending fair winds, conducting things to a happy conclusion; a wind-egg (zephuria in Spring, kunosoura in Autumn)'. Indeed, given the full tale, it's far more likely that the use of the name Ourion would refer more closely to the phrase 'Zeus ourios' 'sending fair winds; concluding things happily' in that the man received the strong son he wished for. Reference to piss is more likely with the lowest slaves but even then, the Ancient Greeks tended to be a bit more classy than 'Urine'. Soma (body) maybe but 'Urine' was a bit of a low-blow really ;o)


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