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Subject: Re: meaning and origin
Author: marina   (guest)
Date: April 16, 2010 at 8:19:40 AM
Reply to: meaning and origin by natasha
I could not find any info yet concerning a native american origin of this name.

The ancient Greek name Ladoma is a dialectic form of the name Laodamas. Ladoma was the daughter of Amyntas.
Also the name LAODAMIA (Greek Mythology) is related (Laodamia was the parent of Sarpedon)

I googled an old book, stating that Nicolas "the conquerer of the people, Nicodemus, Demonicus and Laodamas were all Greek names of the same meaning:
Laodamas is probably derived from the Greek elements Laos meaning "the people" and damas δάμασ "subjection".

The name Ladoma exists as a given name and as a surname in the USA.

Perhaps there is a connection with Spanish "la doma" meaning "dressage"

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