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Subject: Shanleigh
Author: SilverDragon   (guest)
Date: April 17, 2010 at 5:51:38 PM
At first I thought the name Shanleigh was of English origin, a combination of the anglicized form of Jeanne --> Sian --> Shan, + leigh meaning a field or meadow, but I have been told it means 'daughter of the old chief' in Irish (which I assumed meant Gaelic). On 3 name sites, none really reputable, I have found the name to mean either "old chief's child" or "child of the old chief," however in looking through Gaelic dictionaries I cannot see where the words child or chief can fit into the name Shanleigh.

Is there another language that 'Irish' could be referencing? Does anyone know the true meaning and what exactly it derived from.

It is a female name.

~ SD

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