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Subject: Re: defintio of my moms name...?
Author: marina   (guest)
Date: June 7, 2010 at 12:43:03 PM
Reply to: defintio of my moms name...? by Johanna
Some possible variants of the name are:
Dilen, Dilena, Dilene, Dilenea, Dilenes, Dileni, Dilenia, Dilenie, Dilenna, Dilennia, Dilenny, Dileny.

The name Dilen seems to be an Irish variant of the name Dillon (of Irish and Gaelic origin), meaning "like a lion; loyal":

The French name Dilan might be related. This means "like a lion", of Irish origin. But Dilan can also have an Indian origin, meaning "Son of the sea"

But it might also be possible that the name Dilenia comes from Dillenia: evergreen tree or shrub of the genus Dillenia

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