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Subject: Re: meaning of my name
Author: marina   (guest)
Date: June 13, 2010 at 4:10:03 AM
Reply to: meaning of my name by niranjanna
Just Google and you will find many, many links. I give you a few here:

Probably a variant of Nirjana, which means in Sanskrit and Indian: "Spotless, pure":

According to others Nirjanjana comes from the Indian word meaning "Goddess Durga":

Other links:
"pure and free from falsehood"
Name Of A River; Goddess Durga; The Night Of The Full Moon:

However the most plausable explanation I found here about the name Niranjan (of which Niranjanna seems to me to be a female variant):
"Niranjan is one of the names of Venkateshwara, a god in Hindu religion. Niranjan is another name/form of Lord Shiva.The literal meaning in Sanskrit is "Fearless".(Nir=Without;Anjan=fear; in Sanskrit "Anjan" means "MAYA" as in the causal force for all feelings of "self" and belongings. the word being a porttmanteau in sanskrit means one without blemishes [anjanasya abhavaha]":

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