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Subject: Re: pronounciation
Author: Capucine   (Authenticated as Capucine)
Date: June 23, 2010 at 2:59:39 AM
Reply to: pronounciation by Swiff
IL-sah-beh/IL-sah:-beh or IL-zah-beh/IL-zah:-beh was my first instinct, too. That's what my gut feeling told me - and gut feeling is all I have to offer in this case as I never heard the name pronounced, either.

Then, however, I did some more research on the internet and I found a few (really just a few) modern-day Ilsabes and some of them seem to spell their name Ilsabé (like her and her - the woman who was given a medal in 2007), which makes me wonder if they don't pronounce it IL-sah-BEH/IL-zah-BEH or IL-sah-BAY/IL-zah-BAY along the lines of French names like Dorothée (Dorothee)...

Briefly speaking: I'm just not sure.

Here is one of the historical Ilsabes (there were a few more...):

Um, I hope we are allowed to post links here? If not so I apologise.

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