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Subject: Re: Okay,people.
Author: PriaposLovs   (guest,
Date: April 4, 2001 at 8:23:07 AM
Reply to: Okay,people. by Eagle Beak 2
In her reply to your complaint, Nanaea posed a very plausible question in good will:

"What's so bad about being "domineering", anyway? A leader (including empresses) should be expected to be a little bit domineering. Perhaps if Nicolas had been a bit more dominant, Russian history might have turned out differently. "

Nanaea posed an intriguing hypothesis. Instead seizing the opportunity to constructively make your case, you unleashed an "ad hominem" attack:

"It looks like you have a "domineering" attitude yourself-a bit touchy,aren't we,dear….have a nice cup of cammomile (sic) tea and calm down a bit….Then perhaps we can both figure out why you have such a negative attitude about me."

The notion of "disrespect to dead historical personalities" is spurious and of no methodological value, unless one is raised in a totalitarian culture or is a ideological and/or religious and/or fetishistic crusader. To objective and enquiring minds there are no "holy cows," everyone is susceptible to evaluation and critique. And since your answer made it quite clear that you art not interested in debate, we all (independently of each other) seized opportunity to have some good-natured fun :P

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