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Subject: more Spanish Name Questions
Author: Norah Namenerd   (Authenticated as Norah Namenerd)
Date: August 15, 2010 at 2:51:25 PM
So Im wondering about s, c, tx, tz and x

For example, the name Yulisa. I've found versions spelled Yulitza & Yulixa.

In fact, most names ending in -isa are also found in forms spelled -iza, -itsa, -ixa and sometimes -itza and -icsa or -ixsa.

Are any of these pronounced the same, or are they all separate names? Does it depend on the region of Spanish spoken?

-s and -c seem to be the same most of the time (like Rocio & Rosio, Monserrat and Moncerrat)-- is this right?

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