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Subject: Re: What do you know about Evgenia as a Greek name?
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: August 24, 2010 at 2:48:03 AM
Reply to: What do you know about Evgenia as a Greek name? by lucia bombon
Thanks for the kind words, Lucia!

Here is some background info:

There are records of Eugeneia being used in ancient Greece (see the online "Lexicon of Personal Greek Names") whereas Eugenia is more "modern" by greekl standards, i.e. 3rd century :-)

There is also a difference in the accent: eygenIa vs eyGENeia.

Both are legitimate Greek names, though I know several Eugenias but no Eugeneias. The former is pretty popular, and its nameday is on Dec. 24.

The original version (Eugeneia) meant of of "good / noble origin / heritage" (from eu- and genos). In modern greek, eugeneia means "politeness, nobility).

Wikipedia has info on the St Eugenia ( Eugenia is also the name of a plant and an asteroid.

Congratulations on your recently-acquired and very Greek-looking bust :-)

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