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Subject: Re: lilil
Author: marcus   (guest,
Date: July 28, 2004 at 5:23:57 AM
Reply to: lilil by Ava
the last Saturday night I had a terrible dream.
I was sat at a with table with a man who had black hair, beard and eyes. We had some papers and books on the table and we were discussing how the religions were divided in the World. He showed some drawinings and he started explaining some symbols of the Satanism. In one of them was a like of Olympic pyre hold by two hands one female and another male and those hands were opposing each other. Well, he wrote a name on the drawing .... LILIL when he finished to write it down, a strong wind blew everything on the table and I got possessed by the evil. I could see myself flying high close to the ceiling and looking down to the table.

I woke up and I wrote down the name.... now look
in Romans..
L=50,I =1, L=50, I=1, I=1
5+1, 5+1, 1 = 665.... it is almost the number of the Beast... Another curiosity about this number ... you can read it in both directions.
Today I was looking for it in the google and I found your message.... I hope we can find out.


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