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Subject: Two Polish masculine names.
Author: Dorchadas   (Authenticated as Lucille)
Date: March 27, 2011 at 4:32:32 PM
Hello everyone,

I am looking for the meaning of two Polish masculine first names that I have come across, and I was hoping that some of you would be able to help me out. :)

The first is Przyszek, which I can find very little about on Google; apparently, it's a very old first name that has now only survived as a first name.

The second name is Bezprym; this was the name of one of the sons of the first king of Poland. Apparently, Bezprym (also spelled as Besfrim, Besprim, Bezprem, Bezprim) is a shorter or more modern form of Przezprzem (also spelled as Bezbriem, Bezperem, Bezprzem, Biezprzem, Biezprzym). It looks like it's a name that consists of two elements, but Google doesn't turn up a lot, other than that one element also appears in the names Przemysl (of which the latter element mysł means "thought") and Przemyslaw. Of Przemyslaw, Behind the Name claims it means "thought and glory" - and indeed, we can see the words mysł "thought" and slav "glory" in the name - but it doesn't explain the Prze- part of the name. Perhaps Przemyslaw really is one of those rare names that consists of 3 elements, rather than 2?

Either way, the element prze in all three names remains a mystery; despite having one element in common, Przemysl and Przemyslaw have somewhat contradictory meanings, and as a result, they aren't much of a help for determining its meaning (if they were, I would have been able to find out what it would mean for Bezprym/Przezprzem as well). As for the second element of Bezprym/Przezprzem, I have no clue either - perhaps both elements in the name share the same etymological root, since they look so similar?

That's all I've been able to put together, I'm afraid. I would appreciate any tidbit that would shed further light on this matter; thank you for your time. :)

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