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Subject: Macedonian Names? Slavic name would be more accurate.
Author: steamio   (Authenticated as steamio)
Date: June 1, 2011 at 9:37:07 PM
Macedonian names are Greek in origin , what is falsely listed as Macedonian which should be Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as recognized by the UN are in fact Slavic names , Macedonia is a Region not a country, which is mainly in northern Greece , the people who claim they are Macedonians are Bulgarians and Serbs,even they language they call Macedonian is nothing more than a Bulgarian dialect with Serbian mixed in along with the use of the Cyrillic alphabet (the ancient Macedonians spoke and wrote in Greek , and the label name they are trying to use is this need to be corrected , if this site want to be accurate then the term Macedonian should not be used ,but ever Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia is inaccurate as this tiny Slavic country lies in what was one called Paonia , brainwashing it's citizens into thinking they are something they are not is just wrong, along with stealing history from neighboring countries to create a false sense of identity ,there is nothing wrong with being of Slavic origin but there is something wrong with monopolizing a name that has noting to do with your people , culture and history.

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