Subject: Re: My daughter's unique name..
Author: Elaine   (guest)
Date: April 6, 2001 at 2:18:02 PM
Reply to: My daughter's unique name.. by Jessa
Were you on alcohol, crack cocaine or some other drug when you decided to do this? It is ridiculous to do this. Why can't you give the child two real normal names? By the way, switching to the middle name won't do your child any good either. Everytime your child will have to fill out legal documents, the first name will always be shoved down your child's throat. It won't matter how many times your child says that she uses her middle name instead of the first name because people will still insist on calling her by her first name. They will never listen unless your child screams at them millions of times and then these idiots will label your child a jerk. Strangers never ask you which name you prefer to use. People also tend to ignore the following type of signature: T. Jane Smith. However, they will make up nicknames for your child even if she doesn't use, like, or want the nickname. Of course, the nickname that your child does not use will always be from the name that your child never uses but this won't stop idiots from shoving it down your child's throat. The idiots who act rude like this will never even ask you if you want the nickname. Why can't people ever stop and think about how stupid this is? Think about what it will be like when your daughter goes to school, gets a driver's license, votes, writes checks, applies for jobs, applies for credit, buys property, gets married, etc? Your child's name will be mutilated in the following types of companies: banks, savings and loans, credit unions, car rental companies, car dealerships, car wrecker services, travel agencies, insurance companies, stock brokerage firms, real estate agencies, video stores, law firms, para legals, gun stores, health clubs, pawn shops, etc. Every single government agency that exists will also ruin your child's name. The reason why I know so much about this is because I have been called by my middle name instead of my first name every single day of my life and it is a pain in the neck. I absolutely detest my first name. People have given me dirty looks when I have corrected them for calling me by the wrong name. Prospective employers have always ruined my name and one jerk talked to me like he wanted to slap my face when I corrected him about the first name garbage. One college professor asked me if I was too stupid to know which name I preferred to use and he asked me this question in front of about thirty students. Once my fifth grade classmates lied to the substitute teacher about which name I used but this wasn't just one or two obnoxious students who did this. The entire class did it but the woman listened to me instead. A shop teacher in high school called me by the wrong name for about six weeks and another teacher did it a whole year. Several years ago, a sales clerk in a store asked me if the reason why my parents called me by my middle name was because of the possibility that my parents didn't want me. My older brother and sister are called by nicknames for their middle names and it has been this way ever since the days that they were born. When my sister Lisa was married in 1985, she was told that she couldn't drop her first name and take her fiance's last name without going to court and getting a court order for the name change. This would have costed her a lot of money to do this. Lisa was also told that she could drop her middle name and take her fiance's name without going to court and spending all of that money. My sister dropped her middle name but she still uses the nickname. This was even more confusing to people when they saw her name listed on legal documents. It is obvious that women don't have to change their last names when they marry but I have a question. Why is there the double standard that I just mentioned? A lot of parents do this to their children when they name the kids after themselves and they want to avoid confusion in the home. They give the child the same first name and a different middle name. Then they call the kid by his or her middle name. However, they forget that this creates confusion outside of the home. If it is too confusing to have two people answer to the same name, then how is it not confusing to put a child's records under James M. Smith when you call the child Mike? Some computers will not accept middle initials. How is anyone supposed to know that your son is called Mike when all they see is James Smith? Here is a better idea. If a man is named Michael Alan King and his wife is Susan Marie Jackson, then they can name their baby boy Phillip Michael King and call the child Phillip. This clearly prevents the child from being confused with his father both inside and outside of the home. The child's name is listed as Phillip M. King and everyone will assume that he is called Phillip. This is what the child has been called every single day of his life and he doesn't have any problem with people screwing up his name. How easy is this? It is so easy that it is unbelievable. Why don't more people name their children this way instead of calling them by their middle names? You should also pay very close attention to your child's initials because they should not spell any bad words that will cause your child to be teased by a bully.
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