Subject: Re: My daughter's unique name..
Author: Elaine   (guest)
Date: April 7, 2001 at 2:26:19 PM
Reply to: Re: My daughter's unique name.. by Elaine
It is stupid to deviate from the norm and call your child by his or her middle name instead of the first name on a daily basis. The first name that has to be put on all of the legal documents is a useless legally required alias that only confuses people. If you like being a bunch of stupid confused airheads, then that is your problem. It is easy for you idiots to trivialize all of this garbage because you won't be the one who has to deal with all of this cr*p when your child fills out legal documents. However, your child won't like it one bit and will hate you for doing this to him or her. Please take my advice and call your children by their first names on a daily basis. I'm not being hostile because I'm only telling you the truth. It is a pain in the neck. Are any of you called by your middle name instead of your first name?
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