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Subject: Re: the name Kyrie?
Author: Sabine   (guest)
Date: April 8, 2001 at 6:15:45 AM
Reply to: the name Kyrie? by Kyrie
Hi! How old are you I wonder?
I named my first son Cyriak (born 1996) because I like the sound of it. I grew up in France and had heard the name there once. The proper spelling for it, is supposed to be Cyriaque (which looks a bit girlish I thought), though I heard of the spelling Cyriac and Cyriack. Ethymologically Cyriaque comes from the greek and the word "Lord". There's nothing wrong with that! (and I am agnostic...)
I don't think there are many Cyriak's around, as some of my French friends have asked me if it was an Irish name! (we live in Ireland). I guess it is ackward to have an unusual name (we parents don't often think about that: sorry!) but we are very proud of our little son, no matter what his name would have been.
I have a English friend who named her daughter Kira (as in the celtic name Ciara, but with an "original" K), that's quite similar to your name isn't it?, it's common enough in the British Isles (various spelling).
I am expecting a second child, I do not know the gender, what are your suggestions?
Best wishes
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