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Subject: Re: Fjorleif
Author: CN   (Authenticated as CSwe)
Date: August 16, 2011 at 10:45:13 AM
Reply to: Fjorleif by AppalachianPie
I kept googling Fjor and couldn't understand why nothing came up. I then tried Fjör and found this Old Norse fjör (“life; vigour, spirit, energy”). My guess is that the original spelling is Fjör and not Fjor. Leif means descendent or heir so the meaning would be something like heir of life/vigour etc Old Norse names were often combined into a "new" name like Tyrgrim, Grimulf, Torleif etc (using Tyr, Grim, Ulf, Tor and Leif)
I also googled Fjörleif and it seems to be an Icelandic name. And it's listed several times as a feminine name which was a surprise to me.

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