Subject: Re: My daughter's unique name..
Author: Elaine   (guest)
Date: April 8, 2001 at 6:32:10 PM
Reply to: My daughter's unique name.. by Jessa
A child should not have a "name" which is a word that spells out a number because this isn't a real name. It will only imply that your child is a number and this will cause people to treat the child as if he is a sub-human non-entity. Real people are supposed to have real names. The only people who are called numbers are criminals who are in jail or prison. Is this how parents should make their child feel? What will happen to this child's sense of self-esteem? If you don'believe me about this, then you should go to the website of the American Anti-Slavery Group and read about how people in Sudan are being are being forced to give up their African names and switch to either numbers or Arab names. Please read about the human rights abuses that are being inflicted on these poor unfortunate people. These human rights include illegal slavery, genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced religious conversions, branding people like cattle, rape, female genital mutilation, beatings against the women and children, burning and looting of villages, putting landmines around villages, government made famine, poisoning of water wells, torture, terrorism, and crucifixion. The government kills the men and teen-aged boys and elderly people are being beaten, robbed and murdered. The National Islamic Front government of Sudan bombs civilian targets (churches, mosques, schools, hospitals, market places, people's homes, and relief centers) because it hates sub-human non-entities who are forced to be only numbers. About 2,000,000-3,000,000 people have been killed and about 4,000,000-5,000,000 people are homeless because of this genocidal civil war. The American Anti-Slavery Group's website is http://www.anti-slavery.org. Unfortunately, the world is ignoring this tragedy but I have been telling people about it for more than one year. If I'm such a stupid, hostile, self-absorbed idiot who only thinks about myself, then please explain why I have been telling people about this tragedy for more a year. The only reason why I'm writing about this tragedy is to use it as an example of what happens to people when they are presumed to be numbers instead of people who have real names. The numbers should not even be spelled as words because the effect of this is the same as writing 6 and it is dehumanizing. If you are willing to criticize a government that does this to people, then you are within your rights to criticize any dumb parents that do this to their child. If parents are going to be rude to their own children who are helpless babies, then the parents do not deserve to be treated in a courteous way. If the parents want someone to be thought of as a number instead of a real person with a real name, then the parents should rename themselves as numbers spelled as words and see if they like how people mistreat them. Parents should have no right to set their child up for being treated in a rude, verbally, and emotionally abusive way when their child gets out in the real world. Whatever happened to using common sense? Why can't the parents give the child a nice normal name like Elizabeth, Sarah, Michael, or Phillip? What is wrong with these names?
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