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Subject: Siona
Author: Saoirse Siona   (guest,
Date: October 2, 2011 at 1:21:10 AM
Although not of Irish origin, I married into one almost 20 years ago. My husband, being from Northern Ireland, and my love for the Irish, Celtic and Gaelic names, so we chose for our children to come. And two beautiful children did. Saoirse Siona my choice for our first daughter. And a daughter i did have first, that is not her name. For many reasons my husband did not agree to her name but Siona was not the name in question. Siona is one of the most beautiful, wonderful people you will ever meet. I m not sure her name has any other meaning then the fact that her mothers family was originally from Sion Mills and named her daughter after a place of love and family and respect. Some names just take something of meaning from a persons heart. What more should a name be. And one day? I hope for a Saoirse Siona to still follow in our family foot steps.

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