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Subject: Tehlila should be spelled Tehilah, should it not?
Author: abbasdaughter   (Authenticated as abbasdaughter)
Date: October 22, 2011 at 6:38:31 AM
Never found out until just now looking under comments on 1 of my name combos that the name is spelled Tehila on the site, but I've never otherwise seen it w/out the h and it feels super unnatural to me... Anyone out there w/ a better knowledge of Hebr. than I do that has anything to say about that? Is it just that being a transliteration from Hebr. some people have the h in there and some do not? Kind of like how some people spell Sara(h) with the h and some w/out. Josiah or Hezekiah would feel quite weird w/out the h... How do people decide which names need to be consistent with that and which do not?

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