Subject: Find Elaine's first name Contest
Author: PriaposLovs   (guest)
Date: April 9, 2001 at 8:01:38 AM
Reply to: Re: My daughter's unique name.. by Elaine
I fear that Elaine will probably never divulge her first name to us. Since we are all interested in the ultimate source of Elaine's unhappy life, let us attempt to deduce it!

With the help of the Anagram Oracle, and assuming that she saw born in the South during the mid-war era, here are some plausible possibilities:

Armadilla Elaine: I am all alien, dear
Attaresta Elaine: Neat rat-tail ease
Cementa Elaine: Neat lice enema
Chlorine Elaine: In lonelier ache
Coita Elaine: Eat a nice oil
Gloriola Elaine: A loonie ill rage
Hygiene Elaine: Hyena genie lie
Iceyphobia Elaine: I piece honey labia
Kewpie Elaine: In apelike ewe
Kiwanis Elaine: Like Asian wine
Larceny Elaine: Carnal eye-line
Dinette Elaine: Inane! Delete it!
Livera Elaine: Eerie vanilla
Lush Elaine: Senile haul
Navelle Elaine: Leave ale, Lenin
Ova Elaine: I, on a leave
Pencilla Elaine: Penile alliance
Phalla Elaine: Hell! I anal ape
Flouzelle Elaine: Foul Lezlie Elena
Gazelle Elaine: Alien zeal glee
Glanda Elaine: Die anal angel
Satyra Elaine: I a neat slayer
Twitty Elaine: Teeny tit wail
Ureatha Elaine: I a laureate hen
Vasoline Elaine: Evil alien on sea

Please feel free to contribute to this quest :)

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