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Subject: Re: PriaposLovs, I have a task for you..
Author: Gia Nadine   (guest)
Date: April 9, 2001 at 8:27:15 AM
Reply to: Re: PriaposLovs, I have a task for you.. by PriaposLovs
I am not sure what the question was that pripos asked about the Beta Fish. Was it what is a beta fish? If it was a beta fish is a really pretty fish that is a agressive. They normally cant live together even if they are male and female. Cause unless it is mating time the male will kill the female! My mother loves beta's. She has 2 of them one in her den and one in the kitchen. My husband gave me one for valintines. A nice red one, but it died and I tried feeding it to my cat but he didnt want it. I am not normally that cruel but I just wanted to see if cats actually ate fish. But Sarahjeanne good luck with your beta's I could never keep one alive! LOL

Gia Nadine

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