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Subject: Re: Tauba, Doba, etc
Author: Claire   (guest,
Date: August 6, 2004 at 5:07:28 PM
Reply to: Re: Tauba, Doba, etc by Andy
Wow, Hebrew and even Aramaic. I'm jealous now lol

I'm a totally bad at Hebrew. The only words I know are from the prayers (well, from the one I understand like the Shema Israel), the first names (Rahel = ewe for example) and the words you use a lot as a kid (animals names, food...). I never took lessons, I learned by listening to family members talking, especially when I was visiting them in Israel.

I went to a Jewish school only once a week (of course I went to a "French" school 5 days a week lol) and they didn't teach Hebrew but the Bible and the most important principles of Jewish law (kosher food, morality...). I left after my bat mitzvah (12 years old). Many, many kids do, especially girls.

I'm better at Yiddish and Judeo Spanish though, because it is close to languages I know (German) or understand (Spanish) and because my family taught me a bit.

I love Jewish songs. I listen to them a lot! I think they're gorgeous.

Unfortunately I don't know any great Jewish names book. I would like one too. One day I asked my mom why didn't even own one, and she answered me: "Because we don't need one: in our family we give the same names again and again" LOL

How come you're so interested in Judaism? I have tried to learn a bit about Christianism myself and I took Latin lessons (at school in a totally non religious context), but it doesn't seem to compare with your interest!

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