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Subject: Re: Derivation of the names Hannah and Ian
Author: MG   (guest)
Date: March 5, 2012 at 11:16:36 PM
Reply to: Re: Derivation of the names Hannah and Ian by ClaudiaS
Good morning,

And thank you.

I searched but could find no masculine version of the name Hannah. I did find the Hebrew name for which Ian is the derivation and, yes, that the parent name is actually John. What eluded were the dates defining usage, or rather, first usage. Since I was a child I knew that Ann, derived from Hannah, which meant Grace or Favour. I also discovered the name became associated with "Grace" and "Favour" through one story in the Bible, the birth of a son to Hannah, who then gave the child up, to complete a promise.

Recently, I was told by a twit that Ann is a derivation of Ian, more specifically, that Ann comes from Ian. The form in which this took was, the biblical, woman came from man. I do have an abhorrence to simplistic rubbish so I thought I would seek some "FACTS" rather than slim association, the two words "sound" quite close or, worse, wishful thinking!

I seek a text which may hold more details. This has now become an intellectual pursuit. I am, through my own efforts, unable to date the name earlier than Hannah, the Mother of the Samuel. The first mention of the name John comes a good deal later in the Bible. This, however, is not indicative of use. I am then at square one, which name is Older, Hannah or, John.



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