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Subject: Re: Derivation of the names Hannah and Ian
Author: egyptianpanda   (Authenticated as egyptianpanda)
Date: March 6, 2012 at 12:51:24 PM
Reply to: Re: Derivation of the names Hannah and Ian by MG
Generally, when it comes to Biblical Hebrew names (specifically Old Testament, I don't know about New), most of them come from words rather than other names.

In the Old Testament, when reading in Hebrew, the name Hannah is read as "Chana" (or Channah/Chanah/etc.) This is written as חַנָּה.

After asking my Israeli father, he told me that one word meaning "grace" is חן. ("Chan")

A lot of times, names such as these are describing the person with that name. This is the case with this name, so there really is no masculine form of Hannah, biblically speaking.

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