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Subject: Names Derived from Loki
Author: fireface   (Authenticated as fireface)
Date: March 14, 2012 at 9:28:15 AM
After months of tense psychological combat with my
wife she's settled on allowing the ues of Loki as a boy's
middle name. I love the name but find that it feels a
bit short. Is there anything technically "wrong" with
combining names from different cultures to form a
new one if the meanings of the parts of the names
you're using make sense?

For example I came up with several ways to use Loki
to make new potential names to choose form.

Lokiriil: Loki and Kiriil. I believe it would mean
something close to Lord of Chaos/Mischief or Lord
Loki .
Lokidor: Loki and Dor/Doron/Doros. I believe this
indicates that the name means Gift of Loki or Loved by
Loki .
Lokidin: A simple contraction of Loki and Odin .
Lokindr: Loki and Ander. If I'm not mistaken this
means something slightly more awkward like "chaos of
man" or "Loki of Man".

Do these names actually "mean" what I think they
should mean and is there anything wrong with
combining names from different cultures in this

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