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Subject: Ovidia
Author: pistachio   (guest)
Date: March 17, 2012 at 6:55:27 PM
I recently discovered this feminine name. I first encountered Ovidia on a Brazilian - it was the name of Brazilian politician Benedita da Silva's mother. I'm guessing here it's the feminine form of the Roman name Ovid. It seemed that it was Portuguese.

However, most searches I've done for Ovidia as a female name seem to have it different. Judging from my searches, it appears to have been used in Norway too. In this case, I am uncertain whether Ovidia is the feminine form of Ovid or of the Scandinavian name Ove.

I don't think it was originally Scandinavian, as the Brazilian woman I found with the name had no obvious connection to Scandinavia (or any part of Europe; she was Afro-Brazilian).

So I'm asking: does anyone here know the history and correct origin of Ovidia? Is it possible that Ovidia could have more than one origin (kind of like the name Nadia does; that name has a Russian origin and an Arabic one)?

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