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Subject: Meaning of the name Kerith
Author: Sharyl   (guest)
Date: March 20, 2012 at 6:46:11 PM
I am the mother of a Kerith. The name was used in James Michener's The Source. The character, Kerith, was married to a man who constructed the water source for the walled town in which they lived (hence, the water reference in the Hebrew language). The town did not practice Christianity. Kerith was the most beautiful woman in town and was loved by her husband, but Kerith longed to be with King David in Jerusalem and to practice Christianity. Eventually, she left her husband to be close to King David. The qualities of Kerith, in the book, were great devotion and love, and a longing for something different outside the walls of her town. Because of this longing, Kerith was willing to change her life at great costs and pursue her own calling which exhibited her strength. Regardless of religion, these were the qualities that I hoped for my daughter.

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