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Subject: Re: Tauba, Doba, etc
Author: Claire   (guest)
Date: August 7, 2004 at 1:30:31 PM
Reply to: Re: Tauba, Doba, etc by Andy

I used to be able to read a tiny bit of Hebrew, but now it's all forgotten... I probably would recognize "kosher", the name of God, "shalom", "Israel" and my name, but that's all lol

About the others languages, French is my mother tongue, German my 1st foreign language in middle school and later high school, English my 2nd, Latin my 3rd and Italian my 4th (only French, German and English lessons were mandatory, others were options). I learned Spanish by looking at friends' school books. But now that I'm not in high school (just turned 20) anymore I'm forgetting lol
Yiddish and Ladino for familial reasons, but I only read them when they're written with the Latin alphabet lol

It's great that you've been to Israel! I'm just back from it, I went back home on the 1st August. What places have you seen? I've been to many places because it was maybe the 15th time. This time we went to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Safed, Beth She'an, Tiberiade lake, and so on.
In what kibbutz where you? I have some relatives in kibbutzim.

I *love* Chava Alberstein! Her CD "Margaritkalach" is awesome! I also like Talila and Ben Zimet (Yiddish). I also LOVE Eli Mellul's "Jewish Spain lives forever" (Judeo Spanish). There's a new, young Polsih singer who is also good, but I can't remember her name. Maybe Justine Stekowska or something. I'll tell you later lol

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