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Subject: Re: Give me the meanings of these combinations?
Author: clevelandkentevans   (Authenticated as clevelandkentevans)
Date: March 30, 2012 at 7:09:46 AM
Reply to: Give me the meanings of these combinations? by Kelsey
Cara Mia has a "meaning" as a combination because it is a phrase in the Italian language -- both words are Italian.

Your other examples really don't make a meaningful combination in terms of etymology because the two names are originally from two different languages. A combination like Samuel Chase or Palmer Juliet is only meaningful in terms of the associations people have with the names themselves.

One of course can look up the etymologies of both parts of the name and see what they mean -- Mallory, for example goes back to the word for "unlucky" in Old French, and Jade is the green gemstone where the name ultimately goes back to the the Spanish word for "flank" because of the medieval Spanish belief that the gemstone could cure colic. And some individual parents might for some odd reason choose to name a daughter Mallory Jade because "unlucky green gemstone" or "unlucky flank" had some personal meaning for them. But that would be a purely personal idiosyncratic "meaning".

And if you want to figure out these personal idiosyncratic meanings, just click on the names in your original post since all of them are in the name dictionary connected to this site -- except for Joshuah, whose meaning you can get by clicking on Joshua, the common spelling.

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