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Subject: Re: Doris in early 19th century Germany
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest,
Date: April 8, 2012 at 1:59:41 PM
Reply to: Doris in early 19th century Germany by clevelandkentevans
I checked W.SEIBICKE's "Historisches Deutsches Vornamenbuch", and this is what it says:

DORIS came up at the turn of the 18. century […], alias of Dorothea Lang neé Spitz, born around 1704, and of Anna Dorothea Lange, neé Gnüge, born 1715 in Eisenach […]; D. Gfn. Benkenoff, 1785-1857; Dorothee (Doris) Hedewig Leopoldine Grossmann, born 1793 in Hannover […] Christine Doris Wirckau from Elbing [near Danzig], married 1827 in Libau [Latvija]; twice in Göttingen between 1850-54 and 1880-84 […]; Göttingen 1856 …

Just to give you an idea …

It looks like the name didn't spread southward until the beginning of the 20. cent.: "ten times catholic and six times prot. 1906-1955 Flamersheim and Oberwinter [both near Köln], Mannheim 1911 and 1923 […] 1259 times in Stuttgart between 1929 and 1949, ranking 12th."

This movement seems to be converse to that of Dorothea which started in southern Germany (late 12. cent) and then moved north. Dorothée didn't appear until the late 17. cent.

Hope this helped a bit.

Andy ;—)

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