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Subject: question about Callista/Kallista spelling
Author: anxiolytics   (Authenticated as anxiolytics)
Date: April 17, 2012 at 7:26:49 PM
I am possibly using this name and am looking for the MOST accurate form of Callista. I tried a search here but couldn't seem to find anything conclusive.

My last name begins with a K, and I rather like the letter K at the beginning of Kalista, but I only want to use the "K" at the beginning of this name if it is the authentic Greek form - in the database I only see Kallisto, and Kalysta, not Kallista/Kalista. All the similar names ending in A are the latin form beginning with C.

If anyone has authoritative guidance or can point me to a Greek dictionary/name origin board I'd appreciate it.

I found this one:
but not sure if it is a valid source.


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