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Subject: Suffix II or III - which is correct
Author: Murray   (guest)
Date: April 20, 2012 at 6:17:09 PM
I am pregnant with our first boy and we plan to name him Richard Scrivner Shortall, after his paternal grandfather, Richard Scrivner Shortall Jr. My husband is a twin and out of fairness, they did not name one twin after the father. So essentially this kid will be the third in our family with that exact name. RSS Sr is dead, RSS jr is still alive, and now we have a family debate as to whether this child will be the II or III.

Does III indicate son of Jr? If so, is there an official way to denote that the name has skipped a generation? Or, do we call this kid II because he is named for his grandfather, regardless of the fact that his grandfather is a Jr?

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