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Subject: Pronunciation question...
Author: cherrybear   (Authenticated as cherrybear)
Date: May 5, 2012 at 1:12:33 PM
Would/could you pronounce "-leigh" (or the ending "-eigh" in general) (as in Caileigh, Kimberleigh, Leighton, or even Sidneigh) as "EE" or "AY"? Does it depend on the name, or is it set in stone as either "EE" or "AY"? What about the actual name "Leigh"? Could I pronounce that as "LEE" or "LAY"? And would "Leigh" be acceptable as a unisex name, or strictly a male name?

BTW, I prefer Caileigh as "KAY-lee", Kimberleigh as "KIM-bər-lay", Leighton as "LAY-tən", Leigh as both "LEE" and "LAY", depending on the gender, and Sidneigh as "SID-nee"

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