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Subject: Lucienne
Author: Lumia   (Authenticated as Lumia)
Date: February 3, 2006 at 3:20:20 AM
Reply to: How to pronounce? by JillyBean
Lucienne is not a Spanish form, but French.

In Spanish, the form is Luciana (loo-THEEAH-nah or loo-SEEAH-nah). But if Lucienne was read in Spanish, it would be loo-THEE EHN-neh or loo-SEE EHN-neh, because in Spanish, only the H is mute and a word ending in vowel (vowel + s or vowel + n) without graphical accent in the last syllable is always stressed on the penultimate syllable.

Note: eeah / eeeh try to represent in IPA is [ja] / [je], two Spanish diphthongs.


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