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Subject: Hello Dolly and lentil soup
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: February 8, 2006 at 5:08:42 AM
Reply to: attn. Kassios and Pavlos! KORINNA > kore by Andy ;—)
Most of your questions are addressed by Liddell-Scott:
As you aptly note, "kore" means girl, maiden, daughter as well as doll. In this respect, Korinna could be the original name for Dolly :)The male couterpart is "kouros". The "apple of the eye" ( also used figuratively to express preciousness)is encountered in several classical tests, as documented above.

Kore as a name is documented by LGPN, as are the related names: Korinna,Korina, Korinno, Korinnis, Koreta and Koresia.

There are quite a few fem. Greek names ending with -inna, as with Korinna. LGPN registers, inter alia, Platinna, Philinna, Tyrinna, Taurinna, Glaucinna, Melinna, Lykinna and Herinna (with an eta).

Your kore-pupa analogy you mention reminded me of another somewhat amusing analogy: the word "lens" is derived from the Latin "lentil" which also gave its name to everyone's favorite edible seed. Similarly, the Greek word for lens is "fakos" whereas for lentils are "fakes".

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