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Subject: Re: Tauba, Doba, etc
Author: Andy   (guest,
Date: August 9, 2004 at 7:44:33 AM
Reply to: Re: Tauba, Doba, etc by Claire
Hi, Claire!

Have I asked you where you live? In France? Your English is very good - this can't be from high school. I wish I could learn a language by looking at my friends' books!

Its been a while since I last went to Israel (more than 20 years actually!) In the early 80s we did those kibbutz trips, one kibbutz was called Einat, another one Kfar Glikson. On our first journey we took a minibus from Germany via Cyprus - that was great. We went all over the country and saw many places from north to south. The second time my friend Mike was studying in Jerusalem and we could use his Renault. The group was travelling on public coaches and we even went to St.Catharine's monestary on the Sinai, which was a lot of fun. Behind Eilat we had to change to an Arab bus that was absolutely packed. On our way back we got caught in a sandstorm while waiting for the coach from Kairo, which didn't turn up for some hours.

Do you know "The Well" with songs written and sung by Chava? The lyrics are 20th century Yiddish poems and the band to accompany her is The Clezmatics! - Unfortunately I have never heard of Talila or Ben Zimet; nor do I know Eli Melull although I do have a nice collection of stuff of the kind …

Do you have a good French name book? I've tried to get hold of the Larousse Dictionaire des Prénoms but I couldn't find it anywhere in the internet. What would you recommend?

Andy ;—)

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