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Subject: Japanese names...
Author: shinya   (Authenticated as shinya)
Date: February 12, 2006 at 5:55:02 PM
Hello, I stumbled across this site and realized that there aren't many entries in the Japanese name meanings section. I'm an American who speaks Japanese, and I love Japanese names! I just wanted to put some personal favourites here that weren't on the list. Of course, all of the meanings depend on the kanji used, but I love names that are creative with their kanji and turn a normal name into something cool! Most of these are made-up names that band members use, so they're really fun! Enjoy!

Shinya m/f
Means "deep night"

Mayo m/f
Means "true night"

Wataru m
Means "cross (over)"

Yuusuke m
This one has a billion different meanings, but the one I like best is "gentle care"

Riku m
Means "kill"

Jun m
Means "pure"

Setsuki (probably) f
Means "snow rare"

Kaoru m/f
Means "sweet fragrance"

Hayato (probably) m
Means "falcon person"

Satsuki (probably) m/f
Means "sand moon"

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