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Subject: Re: A few more questions
Author: Kassios   (Authenticated as Kassios)
Date: February 14, 2006 at 5:55:08 AM
Reply to: A few more questions by Andy ;—)
Sure, here is some information from the books:
"Mega Hetairikon", Marios Verettas, ISBN 960-7756-14-2
"From Gaia to Hypatia", ISBN 960-316-288-4
"Lexicon of the Ancient world", Ed. "Dome"
"Lexicon of the Ancient mythological, historical and geographical personal names", 1837, Vienna, Austria

Korinna from Tanagra lived around 6th and 5th cent. BCE and she was contemporary with Pindar (some say she might have been his teacher). She became very famous because she beat Pindar five times in poetic contests. Her father was Achelodoros and her mother was Prokratia. Her teacher was Myrtis - she (Myrtis) was also Pindar's teacher. Korinna wrote many books, mainly of poems and epigrams in the dialect of Boeotia.

Korinna from Thespis (or Korinth) was a lyric poet who lived around 3rd century BCE. Some confuse her with Korinna from Tanagra.

Korinna from Thebes was another lyric poet.

Korinna the hetaira:
Lucian of Samosata gives us a pleasant picture of a dialogue between Korinna and her mother, Crobyle, who uses any argument to convince Korinna why she has had to become a "hetaira" now that her father Filinos has died and they cant make a living.

References: Pausanias' "Description of Greece", 9.22.3
Lucian's "Dialogues of the Hetaerae", (conversation 6)
Ailianos' "Diverse History"

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