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Subject: Re: URGENT! HELP!
Author: 'Cole   (guest)
Date: April 14, 2001 at 8:52:14 PM
Reply to: URGENT! HELP! by Jen B.
Cogratulations Jen , on the new additions to your family!
I think that the names you pick out are very pretty; I especially like the name "Natalia ". I had a few ideas about how to arrange them into unique-sounding names that would sound alright with your son Ethan 's name, too. Also, I think that getting to help to name his sisters will help him adjust to his new role as "big brother" more smoothly by making him feel important.
Some of my ideas are:
Lillie Natalia These names are cool because all your
Daisy Samantha girls could be named after flowers, and still
Tansy Rebekah use names you and your husband picked out.
Other options are:
Katherine Estella These names sound pretty together and
Samantha Ella they all have the letter "E" in them
Rebekah Eve like Ethan 's. And they don't sound "triplettly".
Good luck on finding the perfect names!

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