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Subject: Re: When Daividh gets back...
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: April 15, 2001 at 5:28:21 PM
Reply to: When Daividh gets back... by Nanaea
Gruess Gott, y'all,

We didna venture far from home today, having only the traditional after-church family Easter meal at Outback Steakhouse (I skipped the ham special, which came embellished with cloves and a delicate Prep-H sauce). What's their motto?: "No 'roids, just right".

Oh yeah, Brady or O'Brady. These two names are merely variants of each other (Irish "O'" means "descendant of"), so I'll give you the info which comes quickly to hand, which is for "Brady":

The surname derives from the Irish "Mac Bradaigh" coming possibly from "bradach", meaning "thieving" or "dishonest" [my kinda Irish name!]. The name remains very numerous in County Cavan [northwest of Dublin, bordering NI], their original homeland, with large numbers also to be found in the adjoining county of Monaghan [just east].

The Bradys' power was centered on an area a few miles east of Cavan town, from where they held jurisdiction over a large territory within the old Gaelic kingdom of Breifne.

There have been many notable poets, clergymen, and soldiers of the name, including Thomas Brady, a field marshal in the Austrian army around 1800; the satirical Gaelic poet Rev. Philip MacBrady; as well as three MacBrady Bishops of Kilmore and one MacBrady Bishop of Ardagh. [Presumably some unrecorded few also pursued productive occupations.]

Traditional Brady country is only about 60 miles northwest of Dublin, so it should be easy to get to if you decide to sniff around for the ancestral homeplace.

Have fun and Slainte,


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