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Subject: Re: About "Dexter"
Author: Kassios   (Authenticated as Kassios)
Date: February 22, 2006 at 1:09:49 AM
Reply to: Re: About "Dexter" by Mike C
Dear Mike,

I haven’t mentioned that the English name Dexter has Greek origins, but that THE name Dexter has Greek origins, (from Latin word dexter, from the Greek dexiteros etc.), especially after the proof of the usage of the name Dexter in ancient Greece!

I truly admit that you have done a great job here with this site, by far the best work online in its category, but: nobody is perfect...certainly not me! :)

Therefore, in order to get better, it is essential that whenever new evidence has been found in a situation, we have the responsibility, after we research its accuracy, to include it in our data.

So, IMHO, in the BtN search results for Dexter, if you want to be historically accurate, you must also include the origins of the Latin word dexter and more important, the fact that the personal name Dexter was already in use in ancient Greece, long before the use of the English word dexter as a surname.

Always open to constructive dialogue.

PS: In response to your PS:
1. The term "scientific conclusion" can be applied if we are talking about the theoretical sciences, (such as glossology, etymology etc.) since by definition, these sciences are based on research and the gathering of information, which they use as "scientific conclusions" until a new “discovery” appears in their field of interest.

2. Excuse my English, instead of “facts” put “data”.

"Until the day that an ancient inscription will be found with the name "Alexandrovski" (or "Alexandrev" or "Alexandrov") written on it instead of "Alexander", true Macedonia and true Macedonians will remain Greek, as they always were."

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